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Cream Kineno Traditional Brush Jacket


Mesquite isn't called the devil with roots for no reason. Those wicked thorns can shred a man's skin, not to mention what blackbrush and cactus can do to a fellow's exterior. That's when you need a jacket like this, built with all the features that saved the hides of the early Texas Rangers. It's made of rugged cotton canvas - inspired by the original fabric that sheltered westward bound wagon trains - turns back spines and thorns, resists abrasion and sheds moisture. Soft corduroy collar won't chafe your sun burned neck. Built for action with a generous cut and cropped length, plus three front patch pockets and a button-front placket. The embroidered Running W® brand on the chest and exclusive Running W® buttons prove you recognize quality when you see it. Imported.



  • Rugged cotton canvas; resists abrasion and sheds moisture
  • Soft corduroy collar
  • Three front patch pockets
  • Button-front placket
  • Embroidered Running W® brand on the chest
  • Exclusive Running W® buttons
  • Machine Washable


The Cowboys of King Ranch

Los Kineños

Captain Richard King had a vision, but in the Wild Horse. Desert of the 1850s, he also knew he needed a special breed of cowboy to help him bring that dream into reality. He needed men trained in the vaquero tradition of Spanish horsemen, and he rode south to Cruillas, Mexico to recruit such men. Los Kineños, or King's Men, settled alongside the Santa Gertrudis Creek and built a community, a family, that is as deeply rooted in the Ranch as that of the Kings and Klebergs. The histories are so entwined that the two operate as twin chambers of the same heart. The sense of duty and responsibility runs deep and both ways, and that devotion is part and parcel of what makes a Kineño the best cowboy in the business.

It takes more than devotion, though, to curate the finest lines of cattle and quarter horses the world has ever known. Among other things, it takes a quiet confidence that comes from generations of experience working in some of the harshest conditions the globe has to offer. Many of the Kineños come from families who have lived on the Ranch since the very beginning, and while technology seems to penetrate almost every other corner of our lives, cattle ranching remains largely untouched. The knowledge and perspectives passed along can't be taught in a YouTube video. And it's more than just horsemanship. A cowboy has to anticipate the movement of the cattle, working with the herd as opposed to against it, so there's an element of learned psychology to it.

A true Kineño also possesses an unshakable patience. Given the number of elements outside of his control—weather, markets, predators, disease - the cowboy learns to focus on the things he can control, pushing the rest of the world out of the picture. South Texas is a remarkably inhospitable place and one that takes skill to navigate, especially when the cattle you're driving prefer to work at their own pace. When offered an appropriate amount of pressure, cattle will concede and cooperate. If too great a sense of urgency is implied by the cowboy, cattle will scatter and easily triple the recovery time. Call it bovine calculus if you like, but it can test the patience of Job. Cowboys learn this lesson early or take up another. trade. It's hard to imagine a more patient human than a cowboy, a true technician who knows when to push and when to give, who quietly asserts authority and sense of purpose along with the underlying message that cows and cowboys working together will achieve faster results and better outcomes.

These are the skills the Kineños inherit from their forbears and learn anew from their first day in the saddle. Their quiet commitment to the work seems almost asynchronous, as the rest of the world moves quickly and chaotically about its business. The Kineños prefer a steady hand and a steady eye, and their work continues to produce world-class cattle and quarter horses.

The right equipment, from saddlery to clothing, can make or break a cowboy, and the King Ranch Saddle Shop has evolved as both a purveyor and researcher of the right tools, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Kineños. If we offer it, it meets or exceeds that standard or it doesn't wear the Running W brand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rhae Adams , Jr.

This coat is awesome! Rugged and perfect mid-range Jacket that can take a beating, get dirty and come back time and again again looking great and performing in any rugged or casual environment!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Huff Home

I am not sure the correct way to size it, but it did not fit - I am 5.10 165, it felt like wearing a large box. I know it will shrink a little.

Sorry the jacket didn't work out for you. If you would like, please feel free to give our customer service a call at 877-282-5777 so then can help you select a better size.

Donald R
Falls Apart

THis is not the same as the old Brush jackets from years ago, I've had 2 and they start falling apart pretty easily and I've never worn it to work in.

M J Arscott
A little chill in the air

Perfect! Will only get better with wear.

Brian Gonzales
A True Workhorse

I could tell from the photos and the story of the Kinenos that this jacket was made for some serious daily work. We are out in the field a lot and I needed a jacket that was tough and performant.

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Captain Richard King had a vision when he settled alongside the Santa Gertrudis Creek in 1853. Several years later, the Ranch established a Saddle Shop to offer ranchers and cowboys the saddles, tack, and accessories of a quality suited to meet every need of the harsh range.

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