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The leather goods business of King Ranch originated in those chaotic years following the Civil War. During the War, the Ranch was raided and looted by Union troops. When the hostilities were finally over, Captain King re-established with the forethought that ranching in South Texas demanded not only good men, horses, and cattle, but also outstanding gear. He needed saddles that were durable, yet lightweight, comfortable to ride, yet easy on the horses' backs. Unsuccessful in finding saddles of this quality, he hired experienced craftsmen who could make them and soon began operating his own saddlery.

The fame of King Ranch custom saddles and durable leather goods, which carried the Running W brand, quickly spread throughout the Southwest and brought with it the need to fill orders for outside customers.

The aim was to offer ranchers and cowboys, in an ever-widening territory, saddles and accessories of a quality and style suited to meet every need of the harsh range.

The King Ranch Saddle Shop continues to practice what the early saddlemakers had learned. In materials, only the best is good enough, and in styling, simplicity has its own elegance. The land of King Ranch is incredibly harsh. The mesquite thorns and brush of the chaparral pierce and tear all but the toughest leathers. The tanning had to be perfect on the cowboy's equipment or the gear would disintegrate under the pitiless sun and humidity of South Texas.

Today, King Ranch Saddle Shop, located in Kingsville, Texas, resides in the John B. Ragland Mercantile Building which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1909, the building housed the most preeminent department store south of San Antonio for seventy years. Now after a meticulous restoration, the historic building once again bustles with trade. At this time, however, it is home of the King Ranch Saddle Shop. Here you can see sixth and seventh generation Kineños (literally, the people of King Ranch) working in the same manner that they have for over 100 years, continuing a tradition of service and supply.

In the spirit of this tradition, you will find in the following pages new products, old favorites, a few anecdotes on King Ranch history, and a variety of photographs taken on the Santa Gertrudis, Laureles, Norias, and Encino divisions of the King Ranch.

The hands have changed, but the techniques, craftsmanship, skill, and pride are all the same timeless quality that King Ranch has been long known for.

Our Locations

Historic Downtown

Located in the historic 1909 Ragland Mercantile Building, our Kingsville brick and mortar location offers a historic look at Saddle Shop products and King Ranch history.
201 E. Kleberg Ave.
Kingsville, TX 78363
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Sunday -



Visit our Houston location for exclusive new products, Saddle Shop classics, insight into King Ranch history, and an assortment of photographs taken on the ranch over the last 100 years.
2415 Rice Blvd.
Houston, TX 77005
Monday - Saturday -
Sunday -



Located at The Star in Frisco, home of the Dallas Cowboys, the King Ranch Saddle Shop is the ideal place to enjoy premier shopping. The shop is an outcrop of the historic ranch, the birthplace of American ranching, and it offers the same best in class quality of handcrafted leather goods and rugged apparel the original saddle shop is renowned for. Stroll in to the best shop in The Star District for a slice of rich history in the thriving metroplex.
3625 The Star Blvd.
Suite 310

Frisco, TX 75034
Monday - Saturday -
Sunday -



Located in the heart of AggieLand, our College Station store showcases a wide variety of wildlife and photography from the four divisions of King Ranch. Come shop our King Ranch classics and items unique to our store in Century Square.
166 Century Ct
Suite G50

College Station, TX 77840
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Friday - Saturday -
Sunday -



Located in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards, our newest Saddle Shop location features exclusive new products, a collection of fine local taxidermy, and historic King Ranch memorabilia. Stop by and enjoy the history that this location has to offer.
128 E. Exchange Ave.
Suite 530

Fort Worth, TX 76164
Monday - Saturday -
Sunday -



Nestled in the booming South Congress district of the State Capital of Texas, the King Ranch Saddle Shop in Austin brings a piece of the historic ranch to the heart of the city. Every element of the shop harkens back to the birthplace of American ranching. From the highest quality leather products to elevated hunting gear to fine home goods, this modern day outpost proudly offers heirloom quality products that stand the test of time.
South Congress 1333 S. Congress Ave.
Suite 160

Austin, TX 78704
Monday - Saturday -
Sunday -