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Regular cleaning and conditioning will help maintain your King Ranch Leather goods over time and will help keep them beautiful. Made in USA. 8 fl. oz. bottle.
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Conditioning Instructions: Clean off surface dust and dirt with damp cloth or brush. Surface may darken due to dampness.? Allow leather to dry completely and return to its original color. ? Shake bottle of conditioner thoroughly before using. ? Test the conditioner on a non-visible part of the upholstery.? Squirt on a dry cloth and rub in until conditioner disappears into the leather. ? Let conditioner dry and wipe off film with a dry, clean cloth. Note: Leather may darken when conditioner is applied.If you have problems with your vehicle, please call Ford customer service at 1-800-392-3673. MSDS information: call 877-282-5777 or email

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5 Stars Best of the Best

JR Richardson from FL wrote (August 01, 2014):

I have had 3 generations of KR Trucks since 2001. With monthly treatments, my seats have retained their color and suppleness. Work in the product with your hands. Works especially well when the temperature is above 80 degrees--opens the pores somewhat, I guess. I do not wipe off after application and let them sit the rest of the day and overnight. Really a great product, never sticky or super-greasy. Engineered specifically for these seats. If you're going to spend and additional $10K+ for the KR package, you might as well use the best product.

5 Stars Good stuff

Jo from TX wrote (July 31, 2014):

I was trying to be cheap when I purchased a store bought leather conditioner for my F250 King Ranch leather. The other stuff ended up drying the leather out a little. I immediately purchased the King Ranch leather conditioner (like they recommend...) and my leather is still beautiful after 10 years of use. I love the King Ranch and store! Been there personally.

5 Stars King Ranch Leather Conditioner

Joe Moon Jr. from OH wrote (May 12, 2014):

This is simply the best leather conditioner to use if you own a King Ranch Vehicle!!! Works Great & Keeps that same Great Smell.

5 Stars King Ranch Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Serafin from BC wrote (April 29, 2014):

It brought the beauty of my Ford King Ranch leather seats back. Easy to use.

5 Stars Ford King Ranch

Manny from NJ wrote (April 04, 2014):

If you own a Ford King Ranch, and I have owned 8 of them, this is the ONLY leather conditioner to use. It is the best and only way to keep the KR leather soft. When you first put it on, you will think that your leather has changed to a much darker color but in a matter of minutes, it goes right back to the original color. No other leather cleaner can do that. If you own a Ford King Ranch, you should definitely condition the leather and this product is the only one to use.

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Leather Conditioner

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