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King Ranch & Little Peppy Volume I


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    Little Peppy, owned by the famed King Ranch, became the heartbeat of the Ranch itself, the very breath of its soul as Ranch and stallion influenced one another. For that reason, one cannot tell the story of Little Peppy without becoming immersed in the rich, fertile heritage of King Ranch, its people, its land, its driving energetic force. The stallion assumed that same King Ranch tenacity to accomplish his place in the annals of the equine world that King Ranch used in the ranching world. His relentless, yet artistic ability tantalized the cutting horse industry while doing so. This book reflects the intertwining of King Ranch and Little Peppy. It is a love song between men and horses, an anthology of rich Ranch lore, a collective bit of history that bloomed in the hey-day of Little Peppy. It is a book about the coming together of a legacy and a legend. Hard cover, 222 pages. Written by Gala Nettles.


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